Bug Quest

1st Winner $500 | 2nd $250 | 3rd $150
9th Sep 2020 to 16 Sep 2020

About Bill Concierge

Bill Concierge is a simple, powerful and easy to use application where you can quickly get started with a simple account setup, manage all your electricity bills in a single space and also help find better offers whenever saving opportunity is auto identified by the platform through a live bidding event.

Bill Concierge is also a multi-tenant application which means any user/company who has multiple businesses or manage multiple clients can create multiple accounts within the same account and mange them easily.

The clients gets benefitted as

  1. They don’t have to forward bills anymore to the accountants, concierge take care of this.
  2. They get to see if they are spending high or low. If they are paying high they are automatically presented with a better offers through a live bidding event. This means they get to save money.

While for a milti client business ( For eg. Accounting firm), the benefits are

  1. They build a goodwill with their clients by finding them some savings
  2. They also get to push bills automatically into Xero



Quest Scenarios


Scenario-1 – You are an Accountant and you manage multiple clients within your accounting firm.  In this scenario you create an account at BillConcierge for your firm first and start setting up your client accounts. In order to setup an account you need a structured epdf electricity bill (AU only) or sign LOA so we can fetch the bills for you.

Goals to achieve:

  1. Setup account for your accounting firm with a bill and Sign LOA later. Bills for different scenarios are attached here.
  2. As this exercise is for testing only, please setup multiple accounts and for any one or more accounts
  • Send invitation to any Business owners (Your colleagues within Bid) to sign LOA and request them to upload a bill so you can see what is the savings that you get for your clients.
  1. Register a free trial accounts with Xero by clicking here . Once you have setup the account, now setup Xero integration on Concierge and Publish the bills into Xero. You can check if bills are published by logging into your Xero account
  2. Need help or got any questions, please feel free to user our HelpCenter
  3. Identify as many bugs or friction points in this process and log a bug card or suggestions to improve user experience here


Scenario-2 –  Your account has invited you and you now act as a business owner

Goals to Achieve

  1. When you are invited as Business owner, register a account and Sign LOA and accept offers that you receive.
  2. Identify as many bugs or friction points in this process and log a bug card or suggestions to improve user experience here


Quest Rules

  1. Every participating member has to go through both this scenarios and try to achieve the goals set .
  2. Whoever identifies highest qualified bugs or friction points or make suggestions will get the rewards
  3. In case if we identify same bug reported by two participants, we take the first logged one into consideration. You need to be fast on this or someone will overtake you.
  4. There will be open slots for testing and you can run your testing only at these times as the developers and testers will be fixing the issues logged and doing the deployments. The bugs logged during this time will be invalid.



We have developed  this new Help Centre page to help yourself if you are stuck anywhere. Please feel free to share you feedback on same Jira board